Customer Services

A dedicated team

Between them, our team probably have more SpliceCom engineering experience than anyone else. Our dedicated team were amongst the first to begin installing SpliceCom phone systems when they launched in 2004. Our in-house engineers have also been installing and supporting Mitel phone systems since 2007.

The Comm21 team is comprised of a dozen individuals ranging from Administration right through to Operational Support and the Strategic Management of the business. Together we provide the frontline service that represents your business to your end clients. Working from our premium operational centre in the South of England, we are able to serve you and your clients no matter where the end installation may be.

Our team’s operational excellence has helped its sister (reseller) company, M12 Solutions, to win significant industry awards and to achieve a track record of 90%+ client retention and to serve their SpliceCom and Mitel users across the UK and internationally.

  • Proven service for existing & lapsed SpliceCom resellers
  • Industry expertise going back to the 90s
  • Marketing support
  • Quality assured
  • Excellent margins
  • You keep contract ownership
  • Industry unique, end-client portal – Keep21
  • Option to exit maintenance agreements mid term

For free impartial advice, call a member of our experienced team today. We’re here to help.